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We'll be officially launching 1st July 2017...
but there's lots going on behind the scenes !!

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About Us

Handmade Sounds is an artist-driven Production Music library. We don't create generic music, and we don't have a roster full of the same media composers as everyone else !

We handpick our composers for each project, from all over the world. We don't care what their credits are, all that matters is the music.


We'll be releasing a wide-variety of music with an emphasis on highly-crafted, originality. Don't go looking for sound-alikes, or copies of the latest trends: our focus is on innovative sounds, not the same as everyone else.


In the UK, our home country, music is licensed via the MCPS Production Music rate card.

In other territories we'll be represented by leading local Production Music companies such as Nichion in Japan, and MusicDIRECTOR BMG in Europe.

Our Services

Web Design

We strive to create a unique design for your website that will help your business, corporation, or individual enterprise stand out.

Mobile App

With such a wide variety of smart phones and tablets, you are now able to reach large markets and demographics easily!

Web Hosting

Our hosting services can range from shared hosting, where your site is given an allotted amount of space to use on one server that has many other sites.

Web Development

We can deliver exactly what you are looking for, such as a custom e-commerce application, client portals for you and your clients to use.

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